Company of Heroes 2 agrega nuevo modo en su última actualización

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La nueva actualización que recibirá Company of Heroes 2 en Steam, está enfocada a la comunidad, y permitirá tener acceso a herramientas para creación de mods. 

Company of Heroes 2 ahora contará con la modalidad Observador, la cual permitirá a los jugadores ver en vivo partidas multijugador de otros usuarios, ofreciendo vistas desde distintos ángulos y la posibilidad de esconder interfaz para una vista cinemática. Sega menciona que habrá capacidad para más de 500 espectadores por cada sesión, pudiendo alcanzar las decenas de miles en eventos especiales. Los jugadores podrán apagar o habilitar la función de transmisión, y ajustar el tiempo de retraso que está tendrá. Esta función es adicional a la integración de Company of Heroes 2 ya ofrece con Twitch.

En cuanto a las herramientas de creación de mods, estas incluyen, paquetes para condiciones de victoria, archivo de vistas, el constructor de mods, y un editor de atributos.

La actualización estará disponible el día de hoy en Steam, alrededor de las 2 pm CST.





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Today, SEGA and Relic Entertainment are launching a brand new update for the award-winning real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2™ adding two new community features to the game – Observer Mode and Mod Tools. The update will go live on STEAM at 2PM PST.

Observer Mode allows players to sync up and watch live multiplayer matches as they unfold. The feature will let them view games from a variety of different angles, at different speeds and player perspectives and grants access to live data that was previously inaccessible. It provides viewers the opportunity to analyze strategies and learn from the best players in the world. Players can also broadcast their feed through our integrated Twitch interface and showcase their skills to a broader audience.

Observer Mode features include:

·         Hundreds of viewers

o   More than 500 concurrent viewers per live match

o    Ability to scale up to tens of thousands for special events

·         Customized UI

o   Ability to turn off UI for cinematic mode

o   Information is easily displayed to quickly find the right match

·         Customized settings

o   Live-casting permission can be turned on or off

o   Delay slider (0 to 15 minutes)

o   Password option to bypass delay

·         Data displayed

o   Units

o   Production

o   Commander Trees, Commander abilities and cooldowns

o   Resources

·         Observing as a party

o   You can invite other users to the party

o   Helps to keep casting teams together and in synch

Mod Tools are an eagerly awaited addition to Company of Heroes 2’s roster of community centric features and will equip the modding community with even more opportunities to create their own custom content. Allowing players to modify existing content to refine the game experience and giving them options to establish their own win conditions and game rules will ultimately create even more and diverse content available for everyone to enjoy.

Mod Tool features include:

·         Attribute Editor

·         Mod Builder

·         Archive Viewer

·         Tuning Packs

·         Win Condition Packs