Endless Legend celebra Halloween con nueva actualización

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Endless Legend ha recibido una actualización gratuita para celebrar Halloween, con la cual se agregan herramientas de “modding”, y una nueva aventura con motivos de la noche de brujas. 

Amplitude Studios no brindó los específicos sobre la nueva misión, pero lleva por nombre A Tale from the Dark Season, y ofrece un premio especial de Halloween para quienes la completen. Las herramientas par realizar mods permiten añadir al juego nuevas características a una facción, agregar o cambiar elementos en 2D, agregar nueva tecnología, habilidades, y cambiar un recurso, entre otras cosas.

Las nuevas adiciones son totalmente gratuitas, teóricamente ya se encuentran en Steam esperando a que actualicen Endless Legend.




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Veteran publisher Iceberg Interactive and award-winning developer Amplitude Studios are showing their spirit today by giving Endless Legend fans their first set of modding tools plus an all new Halloween-themed quest. The highly popular 4X fantasy-strategy game that resonated with fans and critics this September on Steam will now offer powerful modding tools enabling gamers to add new faction traits, technology, city improvements, items, skills, and more, plus an all new Halloween-inspired quest: “A Tale from the Dark Season.” The quest will unlock a special Halloween prize for the players that complete it.

“Our fans are the best, and we want to reward them with a modding tool that gives them the freedom to customize the game to their liking,” said Romain de Waubert, Creative Director at Amplitude Studios. “This is our special Halloween gift to the community – Trick and Treat!”

The new modding tools include the ability to:

  • Add a new faction trait
  • Add a new technology
  • Add a new city improvement
  • Add a new item
  • Add a new skill
  • Change a resource
  • Add a new quest
  • Add or change text
  • Add or change 2D assets

Following 2012’s seminal Endless Space, Endless Legend is Amplitude Studios’ terrain-centric take on the 4X fantasy-strategy genre. Replete with stunning graphics and innovative design, the dynamic French studio has created a unique fantasy game in their science fiction-style Endless universe. Players will have the ability to pick one of eight beautifully crafted factions, thrust heroes into tactical battles and strategically exploit the map terrain, develop technological and political power, and conquer the planet through diplomatic or military means.