11 Bit invierte los papeles para Anomaly Defenders

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11 Bit Studios presentó hoy Anomaly Defenders, la que será la última entrega en su serie Anomaly. Y en esta ocasión nos pondrán al mando de las fuerzas extraterrestres, quienes tendrán que defenderse de la contraofensiva que los humanos han ensamblado.

El juego ahora tendrá una dinámica más convencional, siendo que ahora haremos uso de las torres para atacar a los enemigos, pero 11 Bit promete variedad con árboles tecnológicos personalizables, y las decisiones tácticas en tiempo real a lo largo de los 24 niveles.

Anomaly Defenders será lanzado durante la primavera en PC y dispositivos móviles.




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11 bit announces Anomaly Defenders

After creating the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth and its continuations in the form of Anomaly Korea, the Mobile Campaign expansion and Anomaly 2, we have decided to switch things up again. 11 bit studios proudly present a game that nobody would have expected us to do – Anomaly Defenders.

After two wars, the puny, petty humans have decided to launch a counter attack and destroy the Alien race once and for all. This time it is the Aliens who have to protect their land and fight for survival on PC and mobile devices. The battle begins this spring.

This final installment in the Anomaly series is the first ever Reverse Tower Offense game. Seriously. You don’t have to look it up. It’s never been done before. Fend off the humans and make important tactical decisions in real time. Create your own unique tech tree which allows you not only to buy additional upgrades for your towers, but also provide them with additional damage, armor or critical hit chance. Each of the game’s eight unique towers has its own special ability; not every tower is good against every type of unit.

Battle the humans on 24 beautiful levels with multiple levels of difficulty to choose from. Expect many failures, but remember – without your help, the Aliens will die.