Age of Wonders III tendrá una expansión en septiembre

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Age of Wonders III recibirá su primera expansión “premium” llamada Golden Realms que agregará una nueva campaña, una nueva raza, y nuevos escenarios y unidades. 

La expansión Golden Realms será lanzada el 18 de septiembre en Steam y GOG, y la campaña constará de tres niveles en donde habrá que ayudar a los Halfling sobrevivientes de la masacre de Heartwood, a reconstruir su imperio. En Golden Realms encontrarán también 20 nuevas unidades como seductoras sirenas, monos endemoniados, y temibles glotones.

Acompañando al anuncio, Triumph Studios publicó un video de 17 minutos detallando las nuevas adiciones que traerá Golden Realms a Age of Wonders III.






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Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms Expansion Announced

Set sail for a new world, where exotic monstrosities, lost treasures and new empire building opportunities await! 

DELFT, the Netherlands, August 21, 2014 – Triumph Studios, the creators of the Overlord and Age of Wonders series, today reveal Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms, the first premium expansion pack for Age of Wonders III.

Golden Realms expands Age of Wonders III’s empire building mechanics and introduces bucket loads of new content. These new features are used in random maps, new scenarios and a new story campaign, where Halfling survivors settle in a distant land filled with danger and treasures never seen before.  The expansion is set for a September 18th 2014 release.

New Content Includes:

–       The Halfling Race: The little folk are back, with new units, heroes and leaders. The jesters shoots fireworks which dazzle the enemy and the cleaver flinging brew brothers keep the Halfling armies fed while on the road. Halflings can be used with all classes and introduce the new Luck mechanic which allows them to dodge incoming attack while they’re in good spirits.

–       Golden Realms Campaign. In this three scenario campaign, you help the Halfling survivors of the Heartwood Massacre rebuild an empire in an exotic land and confront an ancient evil.

–       Exotic Map Locations: Capture the Naga Dwelling, home to serpentine queens and giant man-snakes, and discover new treasure sites such as the fabled Lost City to benefit your empire.

–       Over twenty new units: Encounter new exotic units such as the filth throwing Dread Monkeys, alluring Mermaids and the fearsome Glutton who can swallow whole regiments in one bite.

–       New Hero Items: The Golden Realms contain 50 new magical artifacts to discover and use. Wield the enigmatic Crystal Skull, or wear a stylish Witch Doctor’s Headdress to mix in with the locals.

–       Wild Magic Specialization: Unleash wild magic. Cause spontaneous mutations, warp equipment and turn orderly battles into a pandemonium where the lines of battle are violently warped.

–       Partisan Specialization: Use new skills for guerrilla warfare. Create concealed hide-outs and develop ambushing skills.

–       Two hand crafted scenarios:  Playable single and multi-player these new stand-alone scenarios are built around the new features of the Golden Realms expansion.


–       Mystical City Upgrades: Arcane treasure sites located in your domain unlock new unique upgrades for your cities, making the location and specialization of your cities more important than ever. Building a city near a Crystal Tree unlocks the Enchanted Armory which reinforcing your armored units.

–       Empire Quests: Achieve empire building goals before your rivals to unlock unique rewards for your realm. This introduces a new type of indirect competition between players. Examples are the Eternal City: be the first to build a metropolis and get an awe-inspiring Monument of Prime Good and Evil, where the first player to achieve full good or full evil alignment has a party of champions the respective alignment join at no cost.

–       Seals of Power: A new King of the Hill style victory condition where players must capture and hold the dangerous Seals of Power structures in order to achieve victory.  Don’t sit and hold back as broken seals attract extra-dimensional beings wanting to take the Seal back.

–       Defensive City Upgrades:  Each race has a unique city defense to build.  The Draconian’s Firestorm Pillar sets ablaze those who dare attack their city. Or the Bell Tower for the Humans which rallies the citizenry to shoot volleys at oncoming enemies.

–       All the new content and features mentioned above are integrated into the updated Random Map Generator.

Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms incorporates feedback from the community and coincides with a free update adding updated AI, balance, a new Spell Disjunction System, Steam Workshop and Cloud Saves for Steam Users. Golden Realms is set for a September 18th 2014 release and available via online stores such as Steam and GoG.

The story of Age of Wonders 3. After a hiatus of more than 10 years and with funding from benefactor Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, the third iteration marked the rebirth of the classic fantasy strategy series.  In the original strategy games, kings, queens, and dark lords battle for the spoils of an ancient paradise. Age of Wonders III adds RPG-inspired classes and specialization, letting rulers craft empires of their own design and craft their own unique strategies and play styles in a detailed 3D world. Although it being the first self-published game by Triumph Studios, Age of Wonders III is the most successful title in the series to date.