Age of Wonders III será lanzado a finales de marzo

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Después de 10 años de espera para una nueva entrega, Triumph Studios ya se encuentra listo para lanzar Age of Wonders III trás tenerlo en desarrollo por tres años. El juego será lanzado en PC el próximo 31 de marzo, en Steam y en donde ya puede ser preordenado.

La preventa en cualquiera de las dos tiendas digitales, brinda acceso a una misión extra llamada Elven Resurgence la cual será llevada a cabo antiguo Bosque Heartwood. Triumph menciona que el juego ofrece bastante valor de re-jugabilidad, gracias a las “infinitas” combinaciones del Generador Aleatorio de Mapas, el cual también es usado para las batallas en el apartado multijugador.

Acompañando el anuncio de la fecha de lanzamiento, Triumph mostró también un nuevo tráiler donde aparecen las seis clases de Líder para cada una de las razas de Age of Wonders III, y si quieren un mejor vistazo a las nuevas mecánicas de este juego de estrategia por turnos, pueden ver este gameplay de 18 minutos.



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Age of Wonders III set to release March 31st, 2014

DELFT, the Netherlands, February 25th 2014 – Triumph Studios, the team behind the Overlord and Age of Wonders series, today announces Age of Wonders III is set to release March 31st. For more than 10 years gamers have been waiting for a sequel to the critically acclaimed turn based fantasy strategy series.

Now, after more than 3 years of development, Triumph Studios is ready to announce the release date, with pre-orders starting at Steam and and at retail in select territories. To celebrate, Triumph Studios has released a brand new Official Gameplay Trailer showing all the game’s leader classes in action.

Age of Wonders III conjures up a magical world, filled with arcane powers and ancient treasures. Here empires rise and fall, led to victory or defeat by powerful heroes, who are like Gods to the armies they command. The Sorcerer, uses arcane magicks to shape the fabric of reality and summon otherworldly creatures no mortal man was ever meant to see. The mighty Warlord commands undying loyalty from his battle hardened legions, inspired by his many victories in the past, and the promise of glorious battles in the future. The Theocrat, favored by the Gods themselves, expands his realm by converting the unbeliever and holy war. Rogue leaders strike from the darkness, their cunning units tear into their foes and disappear before any chance of retaliation. Beware of the Archdruid, turning even the very forces of Mother Nature itself on trespassers who dare to defile her lands. All the while the Dreadnought plows through the forests in his massive, glorious juggernauts, using his skills in engineering and mana fueled machinery to crush those who stand against him. These heroes will meet on the vast battlegrounds of the Third Era, and when the dusts of battle have settled, only one of them shall be remembered as the ultimate ruler of the Third Age of Wonders.

These six Leader classes can be combined with any of the six main races of the Humans, High-Elves, Dwarves, Draconians, Orcs and Goblins allowing the player to create an empire in their own image, serving the powers of good… or evil.

Players will explore a vast, living fantasy world with over fifty different location types ranging from ancient ruins, to mana nodes overflowing with magical power. But to gain control of these valuable assets they will have to fight intense tactical battles with treacherous bandits, fantastical creatures and rival leaders determined to claim the hidden treasures for themselves. They will lay siege to enemy cities and use flanking and unit special abilities to overwhelm the defenders.

Age of Wonders III features a host of different game modes. Players pledge their allegiance to either Sundren’s Elven Court or Edward’s Commonwealth in a story driven campaign where the player’s decisions affect the outcome of the seemingly inevitable final conflict between the old forces of magic, and the rising power of technology.

Replay value is greatly enhanced when players discover the endless combinations of the Random Map Generator, capable of creating unique maps with the simple click of a button. This enables players to create their kingdom in environments ranging from lush forests, to icy arctic plains or a tropical island paradise, where the seas are guarded by massive tentacled krakens willing to devour any unlucky ship caught in their path.

Using Age of Wonders III’s Multiplayer, players can join up with their friends, banding together to fight their opponents, or battle each other to decide who’s reign will be everlasting and who’s empire will be forgotten forever. These fights take place on maps built with the powerful Random Map Generator or any of the carefully hand-crafted scenarios.

Age of Wonders III is now available for pre-order on GOG and Steam and will be released March 31th 2014. Pre-ordering allows access to the unique Elven Resurgence Scenario, which takes the series’ back to its roots in the ancient Heartwood Forest.

Age of Wonders 3® has been rated Teen(T) by ESRB / PEGI 16. For more information and regular updates please visit