El RTS Etherium muestra más escenarios y facciones en un nuevo video

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En enero cuando Focus Home Interactive y la desarrolladora Tindalos Interactive dieron a conocer su RTS sci-fi Etherium, solo mostraron una de las facciones y uno de los seis planetas del título, esta semana lanzaron un nuevo video mostrando dos nuevos planetas y las dos facciones restantes que enfrentarán a los Humanos del Consortium.

El nuevo tráiler muestra las unidades de los Itary, y los Vectides, junto con el planeta de hielo Arctis y el volcánico Pilo, cada uno con sus únicos eventos y retos climáticos. El video, al igual que el pasado, aún no muestra propiamente un gameplay, ni da indicios de una ventana de lanzamiento para el título, pero al menos deja ver un poco más del estilo visual general que tendrá Etherium.




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Humans, Vectides and Intari kick off the battle

Etherium, the new futuristic real-time strategy game published by Focus Home Interactive and developed for PC by Tindalos Interactive, begins hostilities in a new video! Represented by the forces of the Consortium, the Humans face the Vectides and the Intary, the two other playable factions of the game, on some of the contested planets in the war for etherium.

While the first video only showed a single faction–the Consortium–and the sand planet Serenade, today’s trailer reveals all three playable factions locking their troops in battle on two more of the six planets that will serve as battlegrounds. The ice world Arctis and the volcanic planet Pilo both provide environmental challenges and unique climatic events. The first battles promise to be quite intense, and one thing is for sure: the Consortium, the Vectides and the Intari are in for a large-scale conflict!

In Etherium, these three empires are locked in a ruthless struggle to control the etherium, a mysterious and precious resource found only on a handful of planets. Take the lead of one of the three factions, each with its individual characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, technologies and special skills such as climate control, espionage and precognition.

The solo campaign in Etherium is non-linear: you are free to decide how your conquests progress. Manage your resources, expand your colonies and extend your control of the map to assemble an army capable of crushing your opponents. Epic battles will ensue between formidable armies comprising numerous units: infantry, tanks, aircraft, and even gigantic colossi of war several dozens of meters high; real machines of destruction! You will also use scientific research to develop a tech tree enabling you to unlock new units and upgrades, access new structures to develop your colony and to use new special skills.

Etherium has a unique and dynamic weather system that has a direct impact on your strategy. Use a sandstorm to approach the enemy base unseen, or mount a rearguard attack by crossing a freezing river. Each of the 7 planets has diverse environments, and varied terrain that will force you to adapt your strategy: arid desert, swamps that impede tanks, icy worlds, island archipelagos…

Finally, Etherium will also test your strategic skills in online modes, where up to four players can compete simultaneously.