El shooter Insurgency será lanzado formalmente la semana entrante

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Insurgency se aproxima a salir de su fase beta en Steam Early Access, siendo lanzado formalmente el próximo 22 de enero en Steam para Windows y Mac OS X. El título es la continuación al mod de Half-Life 2 “Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat” de 2008.

Construido sobre el motor fuente de Valve, Insurgency soporta hasta 32 jugadores en multijugador y seis en cooperativo. New World Interactive planea actualizaciones y contenido descargable para el título, aunque no dio una línea de tiempo para el lanzamiento del contenido extra.




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Denver, CO — January 13, 2014 — Gamers seeking a fresh adrenaline rush to the first-person shooter genre should prepare themselves for the upcoming deployment of INSURGENCY. Following a successful nine-month Early Access campaign on Steam, the game is now ready to be played by a larger scale audience. The official launch will be on January 22, and celebrated by a live stream broadcast on Twitch.


While this marks the end of the Beta phase for INSURGENCY, this does not mark the end of development by indie studio New World Interactive (NWI). Future updates and DLC are provided to anyone who purchased the game as NWI continues to polish and build content on top of the game’s foundation.

“We’ve gained tremendous feedback from our community during early access, and in the process have grown accustomed to providing frequent updates to the game based on user experience,” said Jeremy Blum, founder and game director of New World Interactive. Blum was instrumental in the success of the award-winning mods Red Orchestra and Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat.

This hardcore multiplayer experience deploys players into a squad-based shooter reliant upon strategic teamwork to gain victory in close-quarters combat. In an FPS market packed with blockbuster titles, INSURGENCY distills the genre down to its essence. Gamers must hone their skills to master the robust, high-quality gun mechanics, while coordinating suspenseful attacks upon their enemy.

“Insurgency is an evolution from the original mod experience, to finish what we started,” said designer Andrew Spearin, who co-founded Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. “We have created an experience gamers can’t find with any other game. It’s a gritty representation of contemporary conflict, where every life and bullet counts. To win, the difference factor typically comes down to the team with the most communication and superior tactics, not just who has the twitchiest mouse.”

Built on Valve’s Source Engine, INSURGENCY supports up to 32-person multiplayer and 6-player cooperative, and showcases a training level to ease the learning curve for newcomers. The game is built for Windows®PC and Mac OS X and is in development for Linux.

More on INSURGENCY can be found on New World Interactive’s website www.playinsurgency.com. “Like” the game on Facebook and watch it on Twitch.