Ingress el juego de realidad aumentada de Google ya está en iOS

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El estudio de Google Niantic Labs lanzó esta semana en iOS su título de realidad aumentada Ingress, el cual a la fecha lleva más de 4 millones de descargas en Android.

La temática detrás de Ingress es que la Tierra ha sido invadida por materia exótica introducida por los “Shapers”. Una facción llamada los Iluminados creen que los Shapers están ayudando a la humanidad, mientras que la facción La Resistencia busca proteger a la humanidad de los Shapers.

El gameplay es a modo de captura de territorios, pero los usuarios deben literalmente ir a cada locación de la vida real para capturar los sitios que incluyen parques, lugares históricos, y monumentos. El título es gratuito y los usuarios de iOS y Android pueden jugar entre si.






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Google’s Niantic Labs Brings Ingress to iOS

Today, Google’s Niantic Labs launched Ingress on iOS, bringing the real-world adventure game to iPhone and iPad devices around the world for the first time. Already downloaded more than 4 million times on Android, players with iOS devices can now join forces with a massive global community of Ingress agents for seamless cross-platform play.

The iOS version of Ingress can be downloaded for free on the App Store via:

Niantic Labs has also released a new trailer for Ingress on iOS which you can view and embed on your sites to share with your readers via the following link:

Ingress uses geo-location technology in mobile devices to transform the world into a virtual game. Real world locations — including historical sites, landmarks, parks and artwork — become “Portals” for Agents to capture and control, encouraging players to get off the couch and embark on adventures on foot. Siding with either the Enlightened or the Resistance factions, both iOS and Android players can now engage in the struggle for the fate of humanity while exploring and discovering the world around them with their friends.

In the first six months of 2014, players have accomplished incredible milestones in the real world including:

  • During Ingress live events coordinated by Niantic Labs in 2014, more than 12,300 Agents have gathered in 65 cities across the globe – from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Amsterdam, Netherlands; Auckland, New Zealand to Ishinomaki, Japan.
  • More than 74,000 miles ( more than three times the circumference of Earth) have been walked, ran and biked during the 65 live events hosted around the world
  • Agents around the world in 2014 have made more than 22,400,000 in-game actions (hacking) while visiting “Portals” disguised as real-world art, architecture and landmarks.

To follow along with the dynamic and evolving storyline of Ingress, Agents can watch the Ingress Report, a weekly online news show chronicling the events of the game.  Niantic Labs also recently unveiled Ingress Obsessed, a new series of video diaries from two sister Ingress Agents chronicling their early adventures with Ingress. iOS players experiencing Ingress for the first time can also refer to the Ingress Beginner’s Guide video.

Ingress is available for free on iOS and Android. To download the game on Android devices, or to learn more, please visit