Interstellar Marines será actualizado en Early Access con juego co-op

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Zero Point Software introdujo hace un año en Steam Early Access al shooter táctico Interstellar Marines, y ya han logrado vender 100 mil copias early access del juego, ahora planean lanzar en septiembre una modalidad cooperativa.

La desarrolladora planea lanzar la actualización a Interstellar Marines el 18 de septiembre en Steam, para habilitar el apartado cooperativo, le cual comentan lo han tenido en mente desde que decidieron crear el título hace más de 10 años.

El juego es descrito por Zero Point Software como un disparador táctico de la vieja escuela, en un mundo de ciencia ficción creíble. Durante PAX Prime a realizarse este fin de semana en Seattle, estarán mostrando el nuevo apartado cooperativo.




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Interstellar Marines Has Sold More Than 100k Copies, Getting Co-Op Gameplay on Sep 18

Copenhagen-based indie developer Zero Point Software’s ambitious shooter, Interstellar Marines, is set to introduce the first iteration of co-op gameplay in its next big update, aptly codenamed “Project Co-Op” and scheduled for September 18 on Steam Early Access. The game – which has generated more than $1.5 million in revenue for the team and has sold more than 100k copies in total since launching last year – was built with top-notch co-op play in mind; this update brings the game closer to the full experience the team hoped to deliver when it set off to create Interstellar Marines more than a decade ago.

Media and attendees of PAX Prime will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new content. It will be available at Alienware’s booth, 1246, with community manager Carsten “Bozar” Boserup making the trip to show off co-op gameplay in Interstellar Marines.

As an Early Access game Interstellar Marines is currently in heavy development. “Co-op is one of the central pillars of the game, and is a big part in providing players with an outstanding tactical experience in as realistic a manner as possible,” said Kim Haar Jørgensen, creative director on Interstellar Marines. “The co-op demo we will be showing at Alienware’s booth is an early slice of what we are working on. This is the first chance we have to present this early version of co-op to our players and we are eager to hear their feedback. After the release of Project Co-op in September we will continue to enhance and refine the co-op experience until it reaches the lofty heights we are aiming for.”