La alfa de Dungeon of the Endless recibe nueva actualización

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Amplitude Studios liberó esta semana la quinta actualización para la alfa de Dungeon of the Edless, que actualmente puede adquirirse vía Early Access de Steam, junto con un nuevo tráiler e imágenes.

La nueva actualización lleva por nombre Hero Select, y permite desbloquear y seleccionar los personajes con los que uno desea iniciar este “pixeleado” híbrido, situado en el mismo universo de Endless Space. A diferencia de ese último, Dungeon of the Endless posee una dinámica de RPG mezclada con defensa por torre y calabozos.




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The award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios is offering gamers a brand new update, trailer and screenshots that reveal fresh aspects of its self-published title Dungeon of the Endless. The studio’s first rogue-like dungeon-defense game is currently in its Alpha stage of development on Steam’s Early Access program. This fifth update, called “HERO SELECT,” enables players the ability to unlock and choose their starting characters. They will also discover two brand new music tracks to accompany them into the depths of the Dungeon of the Endless.

Dungeon of the Endless is a rogue-like dungeon-defense game offering a retro 2D look with modern 3D graphics on PC. Players will build and equip a team, gather resources and construct defenses, and explore an infinite number of dungeons in an effort to reach the planet’s surface. The tough hybrid title plays entirely differently than the 4X game Endless Space, but keen observers will notice ties between the two, as each is set in the Endless universe.

Amplitude Studios is the indie developer that created Endless Space, the fan-favorite 4X game that recently won the venerable 2013 Golden Cube and Community Choice Unity Awards.