Latios y Latias podrán mega evolucionar en Pokémon Omega Ruby y Alpha Sapphire

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Los Pokémon legendarios Latios y Latias estarán presentes en Omega Ruby y Alpha Sapphire, con sus mega evoluciones permitiendo a los entrenadores recorrer desde los cielos la región de Hoenn. 

Latios estará en Pokémon Omega Ruby, y a Latias podrán encontrarla en Pokémon Alpha Sapphire poco después de que los títulos sean lanzados en la familia 3DS el próximo 28 de noviembre, ya primero tendrán que obtener el boleto Eon para poder tener acceso a la Isla del Sur de la región de Hoenn, para poder capturar a los Pokémon legendarios. Las condiciones para obtener el boleto Eon serán dadas a conocer más adelante en el año.

La nueva forma de viaje que habilitan estos Pokémon ha sido denominada Soar, y permite también acceso a “puntos de espejismo” o Mirage spots, donde podrán aparecer Pokémon raros, incluyendo legendarios e ítems de valor. En cuanto a la demo, está estará disponible este 15 de octubre en Europa, y el 21 de octubre en América para todos aquellos con un 3DS y se registren para una cuenta gratuita de Trainer Club en antes del 19 de octubre.

El nuevo tráiler para Omega Ruby y Alpha Sapphire además de mostrar en acción a Latios y Latias, brinda detalles de la función PlayNav Plus que permite encontrar diversos tipos de Pokémon.





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Take to the Skies and Soar in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
Legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias Mega Evolve and Help Trainers Navigate the Hoenn Region by Air, Special Demo Version Details, New Mega-Evolved Pokémon, and Gameplay Features Revealed
LONDON, United Kingdom.—14 October 2014— Today, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo announced that the Legendary PokémonLatios can be obtained in Pokémon Omega Ruby, while Latias can be obtained in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire when the titles launch 28 November 2014 for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems. These high-flying Dragon- and Psychic-type Pokémon can Mega Evolve and fly freely through the skies of the Hoenn region. Trainers can hop on the back of their Mega Latios or Mega Latias and navigate the region through the air at high speed while performing midair tricks and hairpin turns. This brand-new method of travel, called Soar, takes a player’s Pokémon adventure to new heights and provides access to Mirage spots, where rare Pokémon—including Legendary Pokémon—and valuable items may appear.It was also revealed today that Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire players will be able to obtain the Eon Ticket later this year, granting them access to the Hoenn region’s Southern Island, where they can encounter and catch Latias in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Latios in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. This is the only way players can catch these Legendary Pokémon in-game, as they cannot be caught during normal gameplay. More details about when and how players can obtain the Eon Ticket will be announced later this year.Special Demo Version from October 15th!
From tomorrow Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS owners can embark on a special Hoenn adventure by downloading the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version. The Special Demo Version gives players a glimpse of the adventure coming on November 28, including the chance to battle with SceptileBlaziken, or Swampert and see their Mega-Evolved forms in action!In order to find out how to obtain the Special Demo Version in Europe players should check out for further details.

New Mega-Evolved Pokémon: Mega Pidgeot and Mega Beedrill!
Mega Pidgeot and Mega Beedrill will make their debut in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
Boasting increased Special Attack and high Speed, Mega Pidgeot makes quick work of its opponents. Pidgeot can learn the Flying-type move Hurricane, which creates a chaotic storm around the target, potentially causing confusion. Coupled with its No Guard Ability, which allows all moves to land a hit regardless of accuracy, Mega Pidgeot can be a saving grace in any battle.

Upon Mega Evolving, poisonous stingers on Beedrill’s tail and arms grow, new barbs sprout from its legs, and its Attack receives a boost. The Bug-type move Fell Stinger raises Beedrill’s Attack stat by two stages when it causes an opponent to faint, and its Adaptability Ability raises the power of its moves of the same type from the standard 150% to 200%, making Mega Beedrill a great offensive teammate.

Navigate Hoenn Adventures with PlayNav Plus!
PokéNav Plus is a new tool designed to help players navigate their journey across the Hoenn region. PokéNav Plus is packed with applications to help players find hidden or specific types of Pokémon in tall grass via the DexNav, check all kinds of Hoenn region information via the AreaNav, and view news from around Hoenn and from other players whom you’ve passed with BuzzNav.

The PlayNav function offers three popular features that first appeared inPokémon X and Pokémon Y— the Player Search System (PSS)Pokémon-Amie, and Super Training. The PSS allows players to trade Pokémon and battle with others nearby or around the world with a Wi-Fi connection. Trainers can play with their Pokémon and feed them treats called Poké Puffs in Pokémon-Amie, and the bond between Trainer and Pokémon will grow. Super Training is a fun way to prepare your Pokémon team for battle. PlayNav also allows players to manage their O-Powers, special advantages that can be kept or shared with others as the game progresses, and view announcements via the Holo Caster.

Be sure to visit for more  Pokémon Omega Rubyand Pokémon Alpha Sapphire news that will be revealed leading up to the 28 November launch.