Loadout ya se encuentra gratuito en Steam

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Loadout es finalmente free-to-play, el shooter de Edge of Reality y que marca su primer trabajo original tras colaborar en distintas franquicias como Dragon Age y Mass Effect. Previo al lanzamiento el día de ayer, Loadout se encontraba en Steam Early Access lo que implicaba un costo, pero ya pueden acceder a el totalmente gratis.

“Con Loadout, ofrecemos a los jugadores una genuinamente fresca y gratificante alternativa a los shooters de todos los días. Permitiéndole a los jugadores definir su propia clase y estilo de juego con la creación de armas llevándonos a un lugar bastante especial, y no podemos esperar a ver que se les ocurre a los jugadores”. — Rob Cohen CEO de Edge of Reaity.

Edge of Reality asegura que Loadout no es un Pay to Win, con lo único que puede comprarse con dinero real vía los Spacebux, son elementos cosméticos, como trajes, insultos y espacios extra para armas y “loadouts”. Con los “Blutes” que se adquieren únicamente jugando, sirviendo para poder modificar armas, equipo, y desbloquear nuevas tecnologías. Aunque con dinero real pueden adquirir “boosts” para subir de nivel más rápido, lo cual les otorgará experiencia, que en turno les dará “Blutes” para modificar sus armas…



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Edge of Reality’s Loadout Available Today

The Outrageous and Addictive free-to-play shooter with wildly customisable weapons

London, UK (January 31, 2014) – Edge of Reality has announced their Free-to-Play online shooter Loadout will be available from 6pm GMT today on PC. After years of adjusting and perfecting Loadout’s innovative and acrobatic gameplay style, the Austin-based studio’s debut title is now officially available in the Steam Store.

“With Loadout, we offer players a genuinely fresh and gratifying alternative to everyday shooters,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality.  “Allowing players to define their own class and play style with weaponcrafting took us somewhere truly special, and we can’t wait to see what players come up with.”

Loadout is a fast-paced shooter that distinguishes itself with an amazingly robust customisation system, super-fast action, and comedic violence. With over 44 billionpossible combinations, players have the ability to assemble the weapon of their dreams. From Gatling guns to tesla bolts to remote-controlled missiles, if you can think it you can build it.

The team behind the game has worked on tremendously successful franchises such as Mass Effect, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, The Sims, and Dragon Age, and they’ve spent countless hours developing a game that’s so over the top it needs to be played to be believed. Characters hilariously lose limbs, expose vital organs, and inflict shocking and ridiculous wounds upon enemies. The more damage a character takes, the more devastated they will appear. Designed in a humorous, highly irreverent tone, Loadout is comic violence at its finest.

At its core, Loadout is all about total and uninhibited player expression. As players progress, they earn new weapon parts, equipment, and prestige. The more you play, the more you can customise. The range of possibilities in the chaotic and deranged world ofLoadout is essentially endless.

Loadout is currently available on Steam for free.