Majestic Nights es el RPG perfecto para conspiracionistas

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Situado en una versión alterna de la decada de 1980, Majestic Nights ofrece un mundo en donde todas las teorías de conspiración, resultan ser ciertas. 

Conspiraciones como si el hombre llegó realmente a la luna, la existencia de extraterrestres, y todas aquellas que hoy en día podemos ver en realitys de canales de televisión que antes se dedicaban a hablar de historia, formarán parte de este RPG que es descrito por la desarrolladora australiana Epiphany Games como rápido y de mecánicas ligeras. El juego se desarrollará de manera episódica, con temporadas de seis episodios.

Sunset After Dark el capítulo cero, será un prólogo gratuito con el resto de los episodios requiriendo un costo ya sea de manera individual o como parte de un pase de temporada. La historia sigue al agente de inteligencia Cardholder, quién — en palabras de Epiphany Games — a podido o no estar presente en, e incluso ser responsable de, muchas de las grandes conspiraciones de la historia. También está la investigadora privada Cal.

El capítulo cero de Majestic Nights saldrá en septiembre, con el capítulo uno Cover Genesis llegando en octubre, y cada mes subsecuente serán lanzados los restos de los capítulos, siendo en abril cuando sea lanzado el sexto, en PC y iOS.





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Epiphany Games announces Majestic Nights: Season One
On this day 40 years ago, the Apollo 11 was making its way back down to Earth, shortly to

land in the Pacific Ocean… or so They say…

Sydney, 23rd July 2014 – Epiphany Games announces the debut season of its RPG series Majestic Nights, an episodic role-playing-thriller set in an alternate 1980s where all conspiracy theories, past and present, are True.

You play as Cardholder: an intelligence operative who may or may not have been present at or even responsible for many of the biggest conspiracy events in history; and Cal, a humble Private Investigator whose own past is shrouded in secrets unknown even to herself.

“What people don‟t understand about the moon landing is that all the conspiracy theorists are totally correct,” said Morgan Lean, CEO of Epiphany Games. “People walk around knowing all the facts and yet not seeing the Truth. So if the only way to package the actual reality of the situation is as entertainment, then it‟s our responsibility to do exactly that!”

With fast, light mechanics, the game has been developed to engross players in a shadowy world of conspiracy with an over-the-top 1980s aesthetic. Players will use wits, stealth and sometimes even a little force to investigate, explore, and acquire ever more clues for their big string-covered wall of conspiracies.

“We wanted to create a game which was simple to play and just let people dive into the story,” said Sam Jensen, Lead Designer. “The story and the world are the forefront of this game – they‟re the star of the show and we want everything the game does to support that.”

Season One of Majestic Nights takes place over six chapters, which work as a complete story or as standalone experiences. „Chapter Zero – Sunset After Dark‟, a prologue to the series, will be made available for free. Each subsequent chapter of the core series will be paid, and season passes will also be available.