Silent Hunter Online está ya en beta abierta

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Silent Hunter Online, el simulador de submarinos free-to-play web de Ubisoft y Blue Bety, se encuentra ya en su fase beta abierta en su sitio web El título está situado durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial en el Atlántico, y nos permite administrar nuestras flotillas y tomar parte en campañas dinámicas a lo largo de los servidores del juego.

A decir de Ubiosft, el poderoso motor gráfico del juego permite mostrar olas y lo basto del océano en 3D con increíble realismo, sin necesidad de instalación alguna. Las misiones podrán jugarse en tiempo real y en modo cooperativo, formado grupos y operando como una sola unidad hacía objetivos en común. Cada uno de los barcos y submarinos son históricos para preservar la autenticidad característica de la serie.



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London, UK, September 16th 2013 – Today Ubisoft and Blue Byte announced the Open Beta launch for Silent Hunter Online. With the start of the Open Beta players around the world can slip into the role of submarine commanders during WWII and fully immerse themselves into the Battle of the Atlantic.

Silent Hunter Online is a browser based Free-to-Play submarine simulation game developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte in co-operation with Sproing. Players take position on board their submarines, hunt down enemy convoys, manage their personal flotillas and partake in server-wide dynamic campaigns. With a strong focus on multiplayer experience, every mission in the game can be played cooperatively.

Silent Hunter Online is based on a powerful graphics engine. Ocean waves and the vastness of the sea are being displayed in stunning 3D – without the need to install a game client. All in-game ship models are rendered in full detail and thus provide an unforeseen level of visual realism. Dynamic weather effects, authentically simulated waves and changing daytimes ensure gameplay variety during missions and create an immersive atmosphere. Impressive environmental effects like dense walls of fog, strong swell, stormy rain showers or idyllic sunsets on the open sea further enhance the gameplay experience. Thanks to an advanced particle system, battles at sea feature spectacular explosions, fire and smoke effects.

Game Features:
For the first time in the Silent Hunter series, players will be able to play every mission in real-time and in co-op, by teaming up online to form a Wolfpack and operating as a single unit towards joint goals and server-wide missions.

·         Authentic boat types: The Silent Hunter series has always been a benchmark for historical authenticity in gaming. True to this tradition, Silent Hunter Online includes a great number of historical boat types the player can either command – or destroy.
·         Dynamic Campaign: All players participate in a global, server-wide campaign and work together to turn the tides of war in their favor.
·         Multiplayer experience: Submarines are hunter and prey at the same time. To stand a better chance against enemy fleets, players can team up online and form wolfpacks.
·         Stunning battles : Silent Hunter Online takes full advantage of the latest Flash 11 technology to display real-time 3D combat in your browser.

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