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El popular título de Halfbrick, Age of Zombies, fue lanzado el día de hoy en PlayStation Vita, con el porte a cargo de BlitWorks (quien ya ha hecho portes a PS Vita de Spelunky y Jet Set Radio). El juego apareció primero como un PS Mini en 2010 y se ha expandido a iOS y Android desde entonces.

La historia del jugo lleva a Barry Steakfries en un viaje en el tiempo por distintas eras, con el objetivo de detener al “Professor Brains” quien hará uso de versiones zombi de ninjas, momias, cavernícolas e incluso un T-Rex, para derrotar a Steakfries.

Esta versión de Age of Zombies mantiene todos los elementos del título original, con las ventajas de gráficos masterizados, el nuevo nivel Wild West, retos de supervivencia y el poder correr a 60 fps, por $5 USD.



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Age of Zombies launches worldwide for PS Vita!

Age of Zombies is a PS Vita adaptation of the acclaimed mobile hit by Halfbrick (Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride). Prepare to come out guns blazing in this frantic twin-stick shooter where players take on the role of Barry Steakfries, part 80s action hero and part time-travel extraordinaire. Our wisecracking badass wants nothing more than to stop the evil Professor Brains in his tracks and save the world in time to enjoy his hearty breakfast.

Shoot up zombie ninjas, mummies, cavemen and all manner of historical undead (including the legendary Zombie T-Rex) while fighting through time to halt the zombie apocalypse.

The main story takes players through many levels filled with new weapons and explosives, while Barry dispenses his cheesy one-liners in the midst of battle. The most hardened Age of Zombies players can then try their skills in Survival mode, racking up higher scores with bigger kill chains.

The extremely powerful PS Vita hardware enables players to enjoy the zombie-blasting action with its crisp cartoon art style in silky smooth 60 FPS.

Age of Zombies for PS Vita is the definitive version of the Halfbrick classic, remastered and redefined in its first ever truly dual-stick debut!

The game is rated T for Teen/PEGI 16 and retails for US$4.99 and 4.99 €.