Starpoint Gemini 2 comienza beta en Steam Early Access

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El juego de simulación de combate y comercio espacial Starpoint Gemini 2 de Little Green Men Games y Iceberg Interactive, ha entrado en su fase beta dentro de Steam Early Access esta semana. 

La beta trae consigo Wormholes, los cuales permiten una forma rápida de viajar pero al mismo tiempo presentan peligro de que las naves sufran daños. Para una forma más segura de viajar se han añadido los T-Drive, que pueden ser montados en las naves. Se han agregado también nuevas clases para los personajes, nueva música, eventos y balances a los sistemas de las naves y precios de los equipos.

Starpoint Gemini 2 mezcla elementos RPG con la simulación espacial, ofreciendo un basto universo para explorar sin que existan pantallas de cargas entre cada punto. Pueden participar en la beta de Early Access por $25 USD, o esperar a que el título sea propiamente lanzado en Steam durante la primavera.




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Little Green Men Games’ Massive Update Features Wormholes, T-drives, New Music and More!

Haarlem, The Netherlands – March 17, 2014 – Iceberg Interactive, the popular European publisher known for its armada of stellar space games, announced today the fan-favorite Starpoint Gemini 2 (PC) has entered in the Beta phase of development on Steam’s Early Access program. Created by Little Green Men Games, Starpoint Gemini 2’s Beta update offers fans the ability to chance traveling through the new, powerful and dangerous wormholes, mount T-drives to their custom ships for instant travel, hear new music tracks and special effects, experience local events and brutally heavy cannon blasts with a new shaky camera, amongst other additions.

Starpoint Gemini 2 Beta Features:

  • Wormholes – Free of charge, Wormholes are a one-way superfast travel method, but due to instability they are very dangerous and can result in damage or major catastrophe. Very popular way of travel among bandits and pirates.
  • Classy Choices – Players can now choose their player class at the start of a game.
  • Faster – By adding newer models, the game’s load times are much faster.
  • T- Drive – Personal device for instant travel that can be mounted to any ship.
  • New Music – New tracks and SFX have been added to create a wider variety of moods and atmosphere.
  • Events – Local events that will feed the live news reels were added.
  • Balancing – A first balancing run has been done on the ship systems and equipment pricing.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is an open-world 3D space simulation game that provides powerful RPG mechanics with the frenzy of space combat. The game takes place in Gemini, where various factions are still fighting for power. Players have control of one ship at a time during the game with direct movement and combat controls as they explore new worlds, trade for greater power, and execute a high level of ship customization.

Starpoint Gemini 2 Game Features:

  • RPG: RPG mechanics are rarely seen in the Space Sim genre, but in Starpoint Gemini 2, players are represented as the captain (not just the pilot), each with their own personal set of upgradeable skills, perks, and side quests.
  • Open Universe: The huge open universe is at the player’s fingertips: The continuous universe in Starpoint Gemini 2 sets it apart from other games in the genre since there are NO loading points in-between.
  • Customization: Detailed ship customization is available for every player through the purchase of new crafts, upgrading existing ones, and combining player’s particular set of skills to make even the smallest ships exceptionally powerful.
  • 3D Space Sim: Starpoint Gemini 2 provides a unique open-world 3D space simulation experience that combines RPG mechanics and space combat.
  • Large Fleet of Spaceships: Players have their disposal LARGE and highly customizable spaceships capable of creating major mayhem.
  • Combat: Key elements in Starpoint Gemini 2 include the tactical combat of larger spaceships and exploration in the open universe, building and blending their RPG skills, and ship customization.
  • Oculus Rift: Oculus Rift virtual reality capabilities implemented throughout Starpoint Gemini 2.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is currently in Beta on Steam’s Early Access program and is available for $24.99 HERE: Starpoint Gemini 2 is slated for full release on Steam this spring.